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justin mcelfresh

this morning i woke up, ragtime carnations
gilded daylight
thin and foto-blue underneath
the syracuse
of last evening's knotted-chaparral pulse

nerve furnace
wheat rung, undecided art

this afternoon's time zones, doppler effect
a polaroid equinox
we are building our own defiant heartland
w/ surface & depth
tin foil, a sprawl of baby's breath

ferric oxide interludes

this evening's proselytized symbology,
a mimeographed aria
the only way this is going to work
is if the blood is disrupted as it elides the premise
b/c we need this barb wire

justin mcelfresh was (ostensibly) caught hanging fire outside the barricade of a semicolon soldering a quiet sunday afternoon to some previous clause; he has come to the conclusion that 'biography' is a filing cabinet in arrears. that being established, the author is ensconced in oakland, california considering the bank shot of this miniature story. he is having a bully day. are you having a bully day?